• Outsourcing

    Since 1974 we have chosen to recommend our ERP ELELCO-Plus combined with the Outsourcing service. This solution enables you to focus on core business without concerns regarding the security or  reliability of data, with a service always available.
The benefits of the service are great efficiency and flexibility, acceleration of the process of changement, risk and structural costs reduction.

  • Consultancy

    Our consultants have a great understanding of business processes. By adopting a methodology established through the years, they ensure compliance with the requirements of your business, your needs of project budget and, most importantly, are able to review and propose organizational and process improvements.

  • Application Management

    Since 1974 we have chosen to recommend our ERP ELELCO-Plus combined with the Application Management Outsourcing (AMO), so we got equipped with resources of high knowledge of business processes and improved technical skills. This solution allows you to focus on core business, leaving us the task to update and line up the information system to the new requirements and changes of your business.

  • In House

    This solution allows you to manage ELELCO-Plus “from the confort your own home”. We can make ELELCO-Plus an integral part of your company. You will be able to gradually adapt it to your internal needs and market changes in order to maintain the highest level of efficiency and competitiveness.
 Our consultants will create a single working group together with your employees in order to give them self-sufficiency, transferring knowledge and skills on the new ERP system.