A.D.ELE Document Management System from ELELCO

Replacing paper with digital files …   here is how it took place:   In spite of the unbelievable advances achieved in Information Technology in the past decades, every transaction resulted in paperwork. The consequence was a double data management, which was very fast and efficient as far as the transaction aspect was concerned, but obsolete as far as documents were concerned, as it reduced the effectiveness of the business processes. Getting rid of paper documents from your archives does not only make up for space, but it also enhances the whole information system. Today, thanks to digital data storage, a new method was developed such as to handle every kind of document in a more effective and rational way. Administration: invoices, statements of account, reports, balance sheets, VAT books and journal keeping; Commercial field: offers, agreements, orders, price lists; Technical field: drawings, product and quality sheets. And much more …. Many are the existing solutions for data storing  and many are the products available on the market: choosing the best one as far as simplicity and functionality are concerned isn’t always that easy. We resolved to offer you a number of different ideas and solutions helping you compare different products and give you  the opportunity to choose the one that best suits your needs. “No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place” –  Zen saying