01 Jan 2014

More than 40 years with Elelco!

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ELELCO 1974 2014


  ELELCO has been active since 1974 and proudly celebrated its 35th birthday last year. Over the years it implemented its ERPs, “ELELCO-Plus” and “ELELCO-Plus Manufacturing”, in more than 200 companies. Established in 1974, ELELCO is one of the major entrepreneurial businesses in Italy and has since then been active in the implementation of management information systems and outsourcing solutions. Its 40-year old activity represents a true historical winning post. In the progress it has implemented its ERPs , “ELELCO-Plus” and “ELELCO-Plus Manufacturing”, in more than 200 companies ranging from small to large concerns, from commercial firms to manufacturing plants all over the world. ELELCO gradually turned into a point of reference for its customers and for all those companies intending to equip themselves with an ERP system able to skyrocket their business results.